Painting at Talmont sur Gironde

For four glorious days in October I painted at this historic Commune on the Gironde estuary, not far from my family’s house near Cognac. Staying at the excellent Maison de la Vielle Douane, right on the water’s edge, I became totally absorbed in the colours of the coast, the ancient Church of Ste Radegonde, and the carrelets under the limestone cliffs. The famous hollyhocks were past their prime, but some still remained. I came home and worked in oil pastels, a new departure for me, but a medium which does justice to the luminous colours of the Saintonge. I also made more paintings of the landscape near Cognac.

Failaise du Caillaud    Trees, Larceau     Carrelets, Talmont   Paysage Charentais Tree by the Rabbit House Pin parapluie Talmont Fleurs de TalmontLa porte bleu, Talmont           Hollyhocks