Why I Love David Jones – A Talk at Tenby Museum

I gave a talk on why I love David Jones at Tenby Museum on Friday 16th September. This was a personal reflection: I have loved his essays, poetry, paintings and lettering for many years, and he has had a profound influence on my work.

Thank you to everyone who attended, and to those who commented appreciatively on the night and and afterwards by email.

One painting of mine which was clearly influenced by his work is the card I made for Llandovery College on the occasion of the re-dedication of the chapel organ in 1991.

For anyone interested in David Jones’ work, a quick Google search will return a number of useful sites.

I would love to do this talk again! If anyone would like the text, please email me. 




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  1. jonathan Reply

    I wish I could have heard your talk. Incidentally I think we have three weeks before we celebrate David Jones’ birthday on November 1st. I found a lot more about David Jones at which is his entry and obviously includes ‘In Parenthesis’. It must have been amazing to hear the 1946 performance with Richard Burton and Dylan Thomas. What a climax at Mametz Wood during the Battle of the Somme! Where’s my time machine?
    Will you be running your talk again?

    • BrushStrokes Reply

      Thank you for reminding me of David Jones’ birthday!
      Yes, I hope to do the talk again next year – for NADFAS in Narberth, and possibly for U3A in Llandovery. I’ll let you know nearer the time.

  2. BrushStrokes Reply

    I drove home from Tenby aglow with it all! Do you think the text will appear in print – in the Journal, perhaps? The good things that are said do so hurry by before there’s a chance to reflect on them!
    As I write, I’m seeing your work for the dedication of Llandovery College organ – an image I’ll never forget.
    I hope you’re rested and content after a remarkable evening.
    My very best wishes,
    Mike Sharpe


    Just a note to say how much I appreciate you giving up your time and putting in all that work to give such a fascinating talk here on Friday evening. Everyone has said how much they enjoyed it and I for one learned an awful lot about the thought processes of a working artist. It was most revealing.
    Once again many thanks and kind regards

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